Cycling safety

cycling safety

If you live in the UK please sign the petition here. It would be great if we could get it to 100 000 so that it is taken further. Thank you! Dave


  1. I’ve signed!

  2. charliew says:

    Do you mind me embedding this image on my club’s forum, within a thread promoting the e-petition?

  3. Re cycle training in schools – did you know bikeability trainers are paid less than cleaners by NYCC. Yet they have to take responsibility for not only teaching our children but doing it on a real road. I think real road training is the right approach but the responsibility is enormous for such small financial reward. And they wonder why it is hard to recruit for.

  4. No ‘Strict Liability’ Law? That would have the biggest impact for us rural cyclists.

  5. Love the cartoons. I was watching a similar road race procession at Tower Hill.